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Class Technology develops and supports innovative software products for the manufacturing industry. Working with leading Japanese manufacturers, Class Technology has gained wide expertise to support and streamline enterprise-wide processes from the product concept, development, and trial production to mass production and service phase.

Our ECObjects solutions provide a real-time integrated environment to share product, engineering and manufacturing information within and beyond the enterprise. The core engine of ECObjects is an integrated bill of material - a single real-time company bill of material that includes product engineering and manufacturing data. The ECObjects bill of material provides multiple views to support the needs of all users.

The advantages of an integrated bill of material are tremendous:

Reduce Product Development Lead Time
Through chaining their data with an integrated bill of materials, our clients have achieved enormous development lead time reductions from product concept to trial production. Product engineering data are consistent and configuration control is much easier with an integrated bill of material. Furthermore, a single bill requires much less maintenance than working with multiple bills scattered throughout the company.

Improve Manufacturing Throughput
ECObjects also includes production planning and scheduling based using the real-time integrated BOM as the common data foundation. A wide variety of production methods from engineer-to-order, build-to-order, assemble-to-order or mass production are supported. The ECObjects real-time scheduling engine handles sudden changes in demand giving manufacturers higher flexibility.

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